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Once Upon a Time | Stuff From 2x03 Lady of the Lake

[+] ► [-] Lancelot | Leviathan

Red warns Snow and Charming that they must move camp because King George's army approaches. Charming replies, "No! We will not run. We said we were gonna take the kingdom back, and we can't do that with our tails between our legs."

Red also warns them that the king has a new general known as The Leviathan due to his tendency to separate one from one's pulse by attacking like a sea creature from the depths of Hades.

Charming tells Snow to head to his mother's cabin, and as Snow hurries through the forest, she's interrupted by Leviathan's arm across her chest.

Leviathan demonstrates the clothesline for Snow

Leviathan introduces himself as Lancelot then abducts her. He delivers her to King George who offers Snow a drink laced with poison to make her barren because he's a jerk he wants Charming to suffer being childless as he did.

[+] ► [-] Emma Meets Cora

Emma watches as Cora tends to an unconscious Snow. Cora assures Emma that Snow will be fine, and then proceeds to troll her by claiming she's innocent, and the reason she's in a jail pit is because her daughter Regina cast the curse.

Emma is stricken by WTF and steps away from Cora as she realizes she's speaking to Regina's mother. Cora tells Emma she doesn't have to fear her because "the apple fell very far from the tree". She asks Emma how she [Emma] came to be in FTL. Just as Emma is about to answer, Snow springs to life and warns Emma about Cora.

Cora turns on the sweetness and tries to convince them that Regina is a liar. Since Emma is well aware that Regina is indeed a freakin' fibber, she thinks it would be a good idea to hear Cora out. But since Snow is well aware that Cora is like a Venus Flytrap, she grabs her daughter by the arms and instructs her not to speak to Cora.

[+] ► [-] Fails: Aurora's Ambush, Emma's Gun | Win: Snow vs Ogre

Aurora blames Snow and Emma for Prince Phillip's deadness. She ambushes Snow and holds a dagger to her throat, but she is unaware of Snow's proficiency in arse-kicking. Snow effortlessly flips Aurora over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes then pins her down.

Snow informs Aurora that it's not their fault Phillip is quasi-dead, and suggests she direct her anger elsewhere. Mulan enters the scene, yanks Snow off  Aurora, and has her own suggestion: Don't talk to Aurora like that. Yet another suggestion is made by Emma and her gun. Everyone stops arguing, but they all agree that Emma's suggestion is the worse as the loud report from her gun attracts a damned ogre.

The ogre crashes through the trees towards them, and Snow wisely advises, "Run!" They book it through the woods and split up, but Emma stumbles, and the ogre catches up to her. Emma's gun is useless against the ogre, and she almost bites the dust, but Snow shows up like Ripley protecting Newt and shouts, "Back away from my daughter!"

The ogre charges Snow, and Snow replies by drawing her bow and neatly pounding an arrow into its eye. Because having an arrow embedded in one's eyeball is not a good thing, the ogre falls and dies.

[+] ► [-] Snow vs Ogre Video Clip

[+] ► [-] Present Day

A helpful reminder that it's Present Day for the new viewers... and for the regular viewers... it's just in case we're denser than a mud brick and unable to figure it out for ourselves.

Hmm... Snow White with a pixie-cut. I wonder if it's still the past...

[+] ► [-] Lancelot's Armor

[+] ► [-] Charming Swordfight

[+] ► [-] Parallels in 2x03 Lady of the Lake

BCFTL [Before Curse Fairy Tale Land]
ACFTL [After Curse Fairy Tale Land]
  • [BCFTL] 1x01 Snow ignores Charming's objection and makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.
    [ACFTL] 2x03 Snow ignores Emma's objection and accepts Lancelot's offer.

[+] ► [-] Other Stuff From 2x03 Lady of the Lake

  • Cora is wearing the same dress she had on when Regina pushed her into the mirror.
  • Emma has a new gun.
  • Guns are useless against ogres.
  • Water from a barren lake healed a barren Snow.

[+] ► [-] Quotes From 2x03 Lady of the Lake

  • Red: They call him The Leviathan. They say he attacks like a monster striking from the depths of the sea. You never see him coming and you never survive.
    Charming: We'll see about that.
    Snow: How close is his army? *arrow plunks into table before them*
  • Snow to Emma: As bad as you think Regina is, this woman is worse.
  • Snow to Emma: Don't talk to her.
  • Mulan: Tread carefully. It's dangerous to confuse vengeance with justice.
  • King George: Family is everything, my dear. Losing all hope of having one... there is no greater misery.
  • Emma: Where's my gun? I want it back.
    Mulan: *inspects gun* Is it magic?
    Emma: Depends on who's pulling the trigger.
  • Mulan: How could I be so blind? How could I not see that it was Cora?
    Emma: Well, to be fair, the whole shape-shifting thing threw me, too.
  • Emma: I'm, uh... sorry I torched our ride home. I couldn't let her get to Henry. I just--
    Snow: You had to put Henry first.
    Emma: I was angry for so long... wondering how you could choose to let me grow up without you. But then just seeing all this... You gave up everything for me and you're still doing that. Sorry. I'm not good at this. I... I guess I just... *cries* I'm not... I'm not used to someone putting me first.
    Snow: Oh. *hugs Emma* Well, get used to it.
  • Jefferson: Grace.
    Grace: Papa! You found me. I knew you would.

[+] ► [-] Additional Info About 2x03 Lady of the Lake

  • Original Air Date: October 14, 2012
  • Ratings: ABC: "Once Upon a Time" (9.1 million, 5.4/8) #3 in its timeslot
  • Cast:
    Lana Parrilla [Regina]
    Ginnifer Goodwin [Snow White, Mary Margaret Blanchard]
    Jennifer Morrison [Emma Swan]
    Josh Dallas [Charming]
    Jared Gilmore [Henry Mills]
    Jamie Chung [Mulan]
    Sarah Bolger [Aurora]
    Sinqua Walls [Lancelot]
    Barbara Hershey [Cora]
    Alan Dale [King George]
    Gabrielle Rose [Ruth]
    Meghan Ory [Red]
    Sebastian Stan [Jefferson]
    Alissa Skovbye [Grace]

As always, more coming soon... sorry.
shout out to the-epic-prince for BCFTL and ACFTL


  1. As always, great job.

  2. Good to know I wasn't the only one who was reminded of Ripley when Snow yelled at the Ogre. Others thought of Molly Weasley, but Ripley popped in my head first. And that was even after I had watched Deathly Hallows Part 2 earlier in the day.

  3. Snow ignores Charming's objection and makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin in 1x01 not 1x02 :).

  4. do anyone know the emblem on the helmet and the armor that Lancelot is wearing. It looks to dragon but on the helmet the left arm is human.

    Can anyone appease this curious mind

    1. Your guess is as good as ours. Possibly a sea creature-human hybrid. [?]

  5. is that what a leviathan looks like, referencing the helmet

    1. You can find a description of the Leviathan in the Bible. Job 41:1-34

  6. Don't forget to add this episode to the sidebar and Episode Analysis. :)

  7. Are you going to add stuff for the rest of the episodes? I noticed something in Child of the Moon. The pendant that Gold used to put a potion in for Henry to control his dreams had the same crescent and star on it that Red put on the grave marker for her mother.

    1. Hi Mary,

      Yes, we will add stuff for season 2 eps. We're just a little slow here because we're cursed with real life. ;)

      The grave marker and pendant connection was actually posted on the forums, here. Someone else had a good explanation for it, here. :)

      Sorry, again, for the delay.


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