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Once Upon a Time | Fairy Tale Land Timeline

Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale Land Timeline

Chronological order of events in Fairy Tale Land

Snow White and Charming's Timeline

Other Characters' Timeline

  Rumpelstiltskin kills The Dark One, becomes the new Dark One.

  Rumpelstiltskin loses his son Baelfire because he breaks his deal with him. Baelfire slips away to another world.

  Jiminy wants to be rid of his criminal parents. Rumpelstiltskin gives him a potion that turns people into puppets. Jiminy and his parents con their way into Geppetto's home and the potion is used on Geppetto's parents instead.

Jiminy—racked with guilt—wishes to become a cricket to help Geppetto. The Blue Fairy transforms Jiminy into Jiminy Cricket and tells him he shall live as long as Geppetto needs him.


  Regina saves Snow White's life. Snow's father, King Leopold, is thankful and proposes to Regina. Cora, Regina's mother accepts.

Regina attempts to elope with her true love, Daniel the stable boy. Snow catches Regina kissing Daniel, and Regina asks her to keep it a secret.

Cora manipulates Snow into telling her Regina's secret. She stops Regina and Daniel from eloping then kills Daniel.

Regina blames Snow for Daniel's death.
  Regina marries Leopold.

  King Leopold finds a genie in a lamp. He is granted three wishes. His first wish is to free the genie. His second wish is to give the final wish to the now freed genie.

Genie wishes to find true love. King Leopold invites Genie to his palace to find true love and to meet his family.

Genie falls in love with Regina at first sight.

Regina manipulates Genie into killing King Leopold. After killing the king, Regina tells the Genie to take a hike. Genie is so enamored with Regina that he uses his last wish to be with Regina forever, to look upon her face always, to never leave her side. His wish is granted and he's instantly trapped within Regina's mirror.

  Regina hires The Huntsman to cut out Snow White's heart. The Huntsman releases her instead and kills a deer then gives its heart to Regina.

Regina doesn't like being tricked and takes The Huntsman's heart, enslaving him.
  Regina places a bounty on Snow White's head.

  Snow White meets Red Riding Hood.

  Dreamy dwarf is hatched.

  Rumpelstiltskin agrees to save Belle's town from the Ogres. His price is Belle herself. Belle agrees and becomes his servant.

  Rumpelstiltskin and Belle fall in love; he releases her.

  Dreamy dwarf falls in love with Nova, a fairy. He plans to travel the world with her, but The Blue Fairy [Nova's teacher] and Bossy dwarf [Dreamy's boss] convince him to let go of Nova for their [Dreamy and Nova] own good. Dreamy does so, but he's heartbroken and bitter. Dreamy gets a new name—Grumpy.


  King Midas hires King George's son, Prince James, to slay a dragon that's plaguing his kingdom. King Midas is impressed by Prince James after watching him fight a brute to prove his skills. Later, the brute kills Prince James.

King George turns to Rumpelstiltskin for help. He deperately needs King Midas' gold to save his kingdom. Without his son to kill the dragon, King Midas would seek out another dragonslayer. Rumpelstiltskin can't bring Prince James back to life but offers to get Prince James' twin brother. It turns out Prince James was adopted by King George through a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. Prince James' biological twin brother is a poor farmer/shepherd whose name is unknown, but who's commonly referred to as CharmingPrince Charming is a nickname Snow White sarcastically gave him when he trapped her in a net.. The price of their deal is the location of one of King George's relatives who is the patron of a fairy godmother who owns a wand that Rumpelstiltskin wants.

Charming's farm is going under. Rumpelstiltskin approaches Charming with a deal that'll save his farm if he agrees to impersonate his dead brother. Charming agrees and slays the dragon. King Midas is so pleased that he offers his daughter, Princess Abigail, in marriage to Charming—who King Midas believes is Prince James—to unite the kingdoms. King George threatens to kill Charming and his mother then destrory their farm if Charming doesn't marry Princess Abigail.

Charming rides back to his farm one last time to say goodbye to his mother. She gives him a ring telling him that true love always follows the ring. Charming returns to King George's castle, and he and Princess Abigail set off for King Midas' castle.
Snow White—who has been living in the wild since she ran away from The Huntsman—frequently robs Regina's carriages as they pass through the forest. Snow White mistakes Princess Abigail and Charming's carriage for Regina's and robs them as they're headed for King Midas' castle. Charming chases Snow White but she gets away.

Charming finds Snow White in the forest and wants his jewels back. Snow White tells him she sold them to the trolls. Charming shows Snow White her wanted poster and threatens to turn her in if she doesn't take him to get the jewels back. Snow White agrees to take Charming to the trolls.

Snow White escapes Charming but gets caught by Regina's men, and they try to kill her. Charming saves her life. They go on to meet the trolls, but the trolls turn on them and try to kill Charming. Snow White saves Charming's life.

Charming just wants his mother's ring, so he offers Snow White the rest of the jewels. Snow White declines and they part ways but love has already sparked between them.

Snow White tries to live an isolated life in the woods and forget Charming. Red Riding Hood visits her once a month with goodies and the latest news.

Red tells Snow that Charming is going to marry Princess Abigail. Snow White is heartbroken. Red tells Snow White that she can get over her heartache by visiting Rumpelstiltskin.

Snow White receives potion from Rumpelstiltskin that'll cure her broken heart by erasing Charming from her memory.

Snow receives a letter from Charming declaring his love for her and asking Snow to come to him; Snow White decides not to the drink potion.
Snow White disguises herself and visits Charming. She is caught and thrown into King George's dungeon. Hansel and Gretel retrieve an apple from The Blind Witch for Regina. This is the apple that Regina later uses to poison Snow White.
Snow White meets Grumpy in jail. Stealthy the dwarf sneaks into the dungeon and frees Grumpy. Grumpy frees Snow. They take different escape routes and the dwarfs get caught. Stealthy is killed and just as Grumpy is about to be killed Snow saves him but gets captured again. Grumpy is released.

Snow White is forced by King George to tell Charming she doesn't love him.
  Regina releases Hansel and Gretel.
Snow leaves King George's castle heartbroken and meets Grumpy and the rest of The Seven Dwarfs in the forest, they take her in.  
Charming runs away from King George and seeks Snow White. Charming helps Abigail free her true love, Frederick, by retrieving water from Lake Nostos. Frederick was accidentally turned into a golden statue while saving Midas.
Snow White drinks the potion Rumpelstiltskin gave her to forget Charming before she hears the news that Charming isn't going to marry Princess Abigail.  
After drinking Rumpelstiltskin's potion to forget Charming, Snow turns to the darkside. She leaves the dwarfs and attempts to assassinate Regina. Charming stops her, and he also saves her from herself by helping her regain her memories which restores her good nature.  
Charming is captured by King George's men, and Snow White vows to find him.  
  In her right mind again, Snow returns to the dwarfs. They take her in once more and join forces with her to rescue Charming.
  Snow executes Operation Rescue Charming with help from the Dwarfs, Red, Granny, and the Fairies. They storm King George's castle, but Charming isn't there--Regina took him to her palace.

Regina offers Snow a parlay [Arrr!]. Snow White agrees and meets Regina who gives her two choices: Eat a cursed apple and live in a dead-alive state forever or refuse to eat the apple and Charming dies. She eats the apple.

Granny, Red, and the dwarfs find her seemingly lifeless body and assume she's dead.
  Snow White is placed into a glass coffin.
  Charming escapes Regina's palace with the Huntsman's help.

Regina magics Charming into the Infinite Forest where he meets Rumpelstiltskin. He sword fights with him then makes a deal with him: He'll hide Rumpelstiltskin's love potion if Rumpelstiltskin will help him out of the forest and help him find Snow.

Charming hides the potion in Dragon Maleficent and Rumpelstiltskin fulfills his end of the deal.
Charming finds Snow White and awakens her with true love's kiss.  
Snow White and Charming get married. Regina crashes Snow White and Charming's wedding and threatens to destroy everyone's happiness. She intends to use The Dark Curse to accomplish the task.

Regina retrieves the Dark Curse from Maleficent.
  Regina tries to enact the Dark Curse but fails.

  Rumpelstiltskin kills Ella's fairy godmother and takes her wand just as she is about to help Ella. Ella makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin for a better life. Rumpelstiltskin tells Ella she can pay him later.

Ella marries Prince Thomas and Rumpelstiltskin shows up for payment. He wants Ella's firstborn.

Ella tricks Rumpelstiltskin into signing a fake new contract with an enchanted quill. The quill nullifies his magic and Rumpelstiltskin is captured.

Prince Thomas disappears soon after. Rumpelstiltskin tells Ella it's because she used the magical quill on him. All magic comes with a price.

Rumpelstiltskin is locked away in a special cell.

  Snow White can't forget Regina's threat at her wedding. Worry consumes her, so she visits Rumpelstiltskin in jail for information. Rumpelstiltskin tells her that Regina plans to unleash The Dark Curse and the only one who can break The Dark Curse is Snow White's unborn baby. He tells Snow White to get the baby to safety and in 28 years she'll return for the final battle. Rumpelstiltskin's price for the information is the name of Snow White's unborn child—Emma.
  The Blue Fairy asks Geppetto to build a wardrobe from an enchanted tree to save Emma from The Dark Curse by transporting her to a new land. Geppetto agrees, but only if Pinocchio can also go to the new land.
  Charming assembles a war council to deal with Regina's threat. During the meeting The Blue Fairy interrupts with an enchanted tree trunk. She tells Snow White and Charming that if fashioned into a wardrobe, it'll be a way to escape The Dark Curse. She lies to them, claiming it can only take one.
  Regina visits Rumpelstiltskin in jail and asks him about enacting The Dark Curse. Rumpelstiltskin tells her that she needs the heart of the thing she loves the most. The price for the info is: in the new land where The Dark Curse will transport everyone, he wants a comfortable life, and Regina must do whatever he asks if he says please. Regina agrees, believing Rumpelstiltskin will have no memory of their deal.
  Regina kills her father and uses his heart to enact the curse.
It was decided that a very pregnant Snow White would go through the wardrobe, but she changes her mind; she doesn't want to leave Charming. She goes into early labor. The Blue Fairy tells Geppetto that the plan has changed. Emma is going to be born early and Snow must now take Pinocchio's spot in the wardrobe. Geppetto disregards what she said and puts Pinocchio in the wardrobe anyway. Pinocchio is sent to the real world.

Regina rides towards Snow and Charming's castle with The Dark Curse in tow.
Emma is born. Regina and her minions arrive.
Snow and Charming decide to put Emma in the wardrobe alone, believing that somehow she'll grow up and find them. Charming battles his way through Regina's soldiers and places Emma in the wardrobe. He is badly injured in the fight and passes out but not before he sees one of Regina's soldiers open the wardrobe—Emma is gone. Emma arrives in the real world.
Snow White finds Charming unconscious. Regina finds Snow White cradling an unconscious Charming. She tells her not to worry because soon Snow will forget she even knew him.

Regina demands to know where Emma is. Snow White tells her Emma got away and that Regina lost. Regina laughs and The Dark Curse rips them out of Fairy Tale Land and takes them to the real world—Storybrooke, Maine.

When do the events of Jefferson's story take place?
There isn't enough info to pinpoint a time on the timeline, but it was definitely after Leopold's death, as evidenced by Regina's palace and attire, but before she killed her father, as evidenced by her father being alive.

Thanks to Panther2013 for the correction.


  1. Why do you call him The Shepherd? I think it makes more sense to just call him Prince Charming or Charming and it is still possible that Charming was the original Prince that met his brother and they switched places so he could go live with his mother because he didn't want to be a prince. Though i think that unlikely.

    1. It's just to make things clear.

    2. That makes no sense. How can Charming have switched places with James if he didn't even know James existed until Rumpelstiltskin showed up?

    3. The assumption would be that Charming had met James before and switched places with him like the Prince and the Pauper. Either way i don't like the use of the word the shepherd for Charming because he was only a shepherd in one episode and i find that more confusing then calling him Prince Charming.

    4. You still don't make sense. Did you miss the part where James and Charming never knew about each other?

    5. I am suggesting that they did know each other before when they were younger and we haven't see it yet. I personally don't think Charming seemed all surprised when he learned he had a twin. At least he took it rather well. I don't even particularly like the theory, but i would still consider it a possibility.

    6. Oh for Pete's sake! It's not a possibility at all! Charming and James NEVER knew about each other, they didn't meet when they were younger and they didn't switch places. You admit you don't like the theory. Why?! Why are you spreading this stupid theory? Let it die.

    7. I agree, it's a stupid theory that has zero possibility of ever happening.

    8. Actually I think its a rather interesting theory. Why couldn't it have happened? It would explain why Charming was already good with a sword. I don't believe it right now, but I've seen much worse theories.

    9. I agree with this prince and pauper story, anything seems possible with this show. I agree that Charming was better with a sword! makes sense to me.

    10. He means they switched places after James died. The shepherd/Charming took his place, hence, they switched places. No, PC never knew about his brother.

  2. I understand why the character is called "The Shepherd." But I think it makes better sense to just call him Prince Charming, a nick name Snow White gave to The Shepherd and one that we normally associate with that character.

  3. oh man.... i've been looking for a timeline EVERYWHERE.... this makes so much sense now! thanks a bunch :)

  4. Thank you for this timeline, because I've been trying to do one myself, and ADHD just gets in the way.

  5. Great timeline... I'm only bothered with the name "Charming" because that is Cinderella's prince. Snow White's is simply "the Prince".

  6. On this show, only Snow White's Prince James is called "Prince Charming". Cinderella's prince is referred to as "Prince Thomas".

  7. i like the timeline but i still think its off a tiny bit. when it comes to the timeline of Cinderella, and snow whites marriages and getting pregnant, just a opinion though

    1. We don't see it. Please elaborate.

    2. I think it's spot on. After Snow got married, but before Snow and PC went to see Rumple. I don't see anything wrong with that. I am still wondering about Ella's relation to George since she had the same family fairy godmother and that's the wand Ruple wanted.

    3. I was a bit confused, too, about the pregnancies. We see Cindy and Thomas get married. Snow and Charming are present which indicates that they are already married/together. Snow is not pregnant. Then we see Emma is born and put in the tree. Yet, Cinderella is still pregnant when we see her as Ashley. She, then, has her baby while Emma is 28yrs old.

      I believe that Cindy and Snow got prego at the same time. Yet, as given by the time line above and the show, Snow goes into labor early. Because Emma was born before the curse enacted and was not in Storybrooke, she was able to age. Meanwhile, Cindy hadn't delivered leaving Ashley to be pregnant for 28yrs (poor girl). When the curse began to fade, Ashley went into labor within a couple of weeks. This also adds to my theory. If left uunaltered, Snow and Cindy would have delivered within 2wks of each other in FairyTale land.

      As for King George, I can't see him being of relation to Ella. No where in the fairy tale are there any hints of connections to royalty. In fact, even as a distant cousin, she would have had a title and been expected to make appearances at court which would have made it very difficult for the step mother to enslave her. I think the godmother was attached to the prince's family. I also think George was related to Thomas. They even seemed to have a familiar relationship with each other while Ella was shy around the king. In the fairy tale, the prince was the King's son.

    4. What I think will be interesting is when they finally do get back to FT land, will Emma regress to being a child cause it's kinda weird that she's the same age as her mom and dad

    5. I agree that the Cinderella wedding is in the wrong place. I think that it happened after PC saved Snow from the sleeping curse but before their wedding. I think that their wedding happened a while after not immediately after he saved her. In the last episode they said they would take back the kingdom together. At Cinderella's wedding PC dad, the king, is there, But isn't at PC and Snow's wedding. Also i thought that the visit to Rumple by Snow happened fairly quickly after their wedding (like next couple days kinda thing) which would mean that it happened before they got married. Also the fairy can't ask Geppetto to make the wardrobe to save Emma before they visited Rumple and knew what the curse was and the fact Emma is the only one that can save them. So that's out of place also. Just my 2 cents.

    6. We think Ella got married after the Charmings because Snow and Charming are dressed like royalty at Ella's wedding. It would be difficult to appear that way if they had been roughing it with the dwarfs or Red and Granny, unless Rumpelstiltskin poofed fancy new gear on them, but that's highly unlikely given Charming's disdain for the dude. Also, we didn't see King George at Ella's wedding, so we assume Snow and Charming have taken over his kingdom at that point. But we could be wrong, was he there?

      Snow's visit to Rumpel was months after their wedding. She's very pregnant when she visits him. At her wedding, she shows no signs of pregancy. Maybe Fairy Tale Land gestation periods are short, but we doubt they would be that short.

      You're right about the Blue Fairy visitng Geppetto, thank-you. The timeline has been updated.

  8. If the Evil Queen killed her father right before the dark curse took place, when did she go back to Wonderland? Wouldn't they all be in Storybrooke by that point? Did anyone else catch this or is there an explanation?

    1. There aren't enough clues yet to pinpoint the exact moment she went to Wonderland, but we can be sure she went before she killed her father because, well, he's alive in episode 1x17.

      Everything in Fairy Tale Land is the past.

    2. Ah, I thought she went there to bring him back to life. So, that's not the case?

    3. No, but for a second, when Henry imitated Genie and poofed out of the mini chest, I also thought she brought him back to life. But that can't be the case because immediately after Regina cast the curse they exited Fairy Tale Land and landed in Storybrooke.

    4. If you look closely, there are many clues to the timeline in which Hat Trick takes place. It is after leopold's death, because Regina is not trapped in the castle, she is wearing black and red, and she has her own metalic-ish castle, which we only saw after Leo died. I believe from my clues that it is between Leo's death and Hansel and Gretel. That's not enough to be able to place it in the timeline, i know, but It narrows thing down alot.

  9. There is going to be a problem/glitch in the timeline. Let's look at the Belle Story and the Rumple and Baelfire story. In the Belle Story- the Ogre Wars are still ongoing
    and Baelfire is already gone from Rumple's life. Rumple also lives in a lavish castle. In "The Return" episode - Rumple ended the Ogre Wars, Bael is still around and his home is far from lavish. The writers have explaining to do or I am missing something.

    1. During Bell's story, it is the second ogre war. During Baelfire's it's the first ogre war. We still have yet to find out when Granny's was. I'm guessing the first. Maybe (this is really far-fetched but just hear me out) Granny was the girl who liked Baelfire and wasn't afraid of Rumple. See: The Return. That would make Baelfire really old, but I already knew that anyway. I've said in other places that he could be dead by now, but maybe Rumple would find his family?

  10. Are you going to add a time for when Geppetto puts Pinocchio into the wardrobe and sends him off to the new world?

    1. I think they're still getting caught up. THere are alot of pages to update every week. Thankfully (and sadly) they'll have much more time to get caught up this summer.

  11. I'm jealous. The writers said they have a timeline for everything that happens in FTL.

  12. I thought the stuff with Jiminy and his parents happened before the rumple stuff. Am I wrong?

  13. I was wondering something. If Bae left before Rumpel met Jiminy, then Bae had to live 50 years (the time while Geppeto grow from a kid to an old men) in our world. And another 28 years while the curse took place. Does that mean Bae is like 80 now?
    Are you sure it happened before Rumpel met Jiminy?

    1. Don't forget that when Regina and Jefferson retrieve the poison apple they reach back in time to do so. This suggests that travel between worlds doesn't necessarily correspond to the actual passage of time in either world.

  14. Oh my god, you are awesome! I've been looking for a timeline everywhere. Thank you.

  15. Maybe Rumple's son has come to our world around the same time as Emma. The fact he went to our world decades before baby Emma doesn't have to mean anything.

    1. I thought they said sometime in season 1 that Rumple's son didn't come to our world? I could be wrong, but I thought that was covered after he realized "Pinocchio" wasn't his son

    2. I thought in season 1 they said he didn't go to our world but somewhere else? I could be wrong.

  16. You should add the time of Princess Aurora and Mulan (how Fairy Tale Land currently is), and the time that occurred in "We Are Both", when Regina first met Rumpelstiltskin! :) Keep adding to this timeline!!!

    1. We apologize. We're working on it. :)

  17. How often is this timeline updated? Not trying to be critical, I appreciate that this is here. I just noticed some things from the last episode or two that aren't on yet, like when Regina banished Cora and when Charming's mom died/secret wedding.

    1. I'm glad you found the timeline useful. We haven't updated since the new season started. We apologize, and we're trying to get it all updated before the world ends. :)

  18. I'v just been reading some comments and realised hat trick must have taken place shortly after Regina visits Rumple in jail and finds out she needs her fathers heart for the curse, which is why she needs to get him back. She is eager to cast this curse so i would have thought she would be in a rush to get to wonderland to retrieve him. I guess it would also account for why Jefferson was still trying to make a hat that worked even in storybrooke as he probably was still in wonderland when the curse pulled him into our world?

    1. Regina's father is already with her in her castle before she learns that the horse's heart is not enough so this can't be the case.

  19. Regarding the first season, it should be mentioned that King George planned to behead Charming, but Regina intervened with magic and took him as prisoner.

    That minor point aside, I am very glad to see such a clear timeline. Last summer, a station did a marathon of "The Godfather" movies, and one day they played story chronologically. The timeline of "The Godfather Part II" is always spliced, so it was interesting to have a chance to see the story from the beginning. I'm crossing my fingers that we'll have a chance to see the stories of the Enchanted Forest in order too.

  20. i thought Balefire was around his 40's to 50's because in Storybrooke Mr gold thought August was his son and august is about 35 years old !we see that Balefire left to a new world when he was about 14.

    1. Yet Gepetto was a little boy after Rumple became the Dark One, and now he has gray hair. Bae must be about the same age, if not older (assuming time has always passed at the same rate for both lands).

      Go figure.

  21. Nice work on the timeline - it highlights some things but doesn't quite answer a question I've been nagged by since finishing season 1:


    Based on what's either been shown or alluded to in the series here's a rough timeline of significant events concerning this:

    * Rumplestiltskin acquires Snow White's hair (Season 1 Episode 10)
    * Rumpelstiltskin acquires Prince Charming's hair (Season 1 Episode 16)
    * Prince Charming is captured by King George's men after making her remember him (Season 1 Episode 16)
    * Rumpelstiltskin creates the True Love potion (Season 1 Episode 16)

    * Rumpelstiltskin creates the Dark Curse and includes a drop of the True Love potion as a "safety valve" (referenced in Season 1 Episode 22)
    * Regina acquires the Dark Curse from Rumpelstiltskin (referenced in Season 1 Episode 2)
    * Regina trades the Dark Curse to Maleficient for her Sleeping Curse (referenced in Season 1 Episode 2)
    * the Blind Witch steals the Poisoned Apple/Sleeping Curse from Regina (referenced in Season 1 Episode 9)
    * Hansel and Gretel steal the Poisoned Apple/Sleeping Curse for Regina. They "aren't the first boy or girl" she's employed for this (Season 1 Episode 9)

    * Regina buys Prince Charming from King George just as he's about to execute him (Season 1 Episode 21)
    * Snow White & friends storm King George's castle. Regina calls for a parley with Snow (Season 1 Episode 21)
    * Snow White eats the Poisoned Apple/Sleeping Curse (Season 1 Episode 21)

    * Prince Charming escapes Regina, revives Snow White, etc. etc. etc...

    There's a lot of action going on in the Charming/Snow White timeline around this point, but there's even more action going on with the Villain's side of things. From the point when Rumpelstiltskin acquires Charming's hair to the point when Regina and Snow White parley Rumpelstiltskin has (1) managed to create the Dark Curse while Regina has (2) moved into her summer palace. Regina then (3) acquires the Dark Curse, (4) trades it to Maleficent, (5) losses the Sleeping Curse/Poisoned Apple to the Blind Witch, (6) employs at least one unnamed boy and one unnamed girl to steal it back, (7) coerces Hansel & Gretel to steal the Sleeping Curse/Poisoned Apple, and (8) buys Prince Charming from King George, leaving a mirror in the prison for Snow White to find. Compare this to (1) Prince Charming's intervention with Snow White's assassination attempt, his breaking the Forget Potion's curse and shortly thereafter getting captured by King George's men, (2) Snow White's rallying the troops, and (3) the storming of King George's castle.

    I'll grant, the writers have not revealed "how long it took to get to King George's castle", nor how long it took to rally the troops or when Snow White and Regina pledged to meet for a parley. Similarly Regina mentions only acquiring a "Sleeping Curse" from Maleficent and say's nothing about an apple - though it seems to have been strongly suggested that the two are the same.

    Still I can't help but shake that nagging notion that the continuity on the Dark Curse slipped a little on the writer's block. Either that, or Regina and the other baddies can move like a bat out of hell when the mood takes them.

  22. There is presumably a lot of time in between Rumplestiltskin killing Ella's fairy godmother and taking her wand, and the time he comes to collect on the deal. When he kills her and takes the wand he says something like "I need this" about the wand no? I always assumed it was needed to create the curse. Could have been for something different I guess, but I think it's likely that the Ella story line started before he created the curse and that stuff was happening congruently with other stuff. Obviously he had to finish the curse before he was captured, though.

  23. This is utterly fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this! I've been keeping a timeline of my own, and it's a relief to see that we're matching up. :)

    Regarding the timing of "Hat Trick", I think that we can actually narrow down the timeline even further than you already have. It definitely takes place sometime after "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter", given Regina's attire and the decor of her chambers, but it also definitely takes place BEFORE Regina is deposed (sometime between 2.03 and the big wedding in 1.01), because both Jefferson and Grace refer to her as "the Queen" (cf. Snow at the wedding: "She's not a queen anymore; she's nothing more than an evil witch.")

    Furthermore, I think that Grace's age is another clue to pinning this down. She doesn't seem to have aged much between the flashbacks and the present day, and I can't help but think that if the writers had intended for her to be significantly younger, they would have hired two separate actresses. They didn't, though, which makes me think that "Hat Trick" can't take place much more than a year or two before the curse being cast at the end of 1.01. (If Henry knows who Grace is, then she's probably a fourth grader too, or close to it. There's not much difference between a nine-year-old and an eight-year-old, and a nine-year-old could maybe pass for seven, but anything more than that starts to push it.)

    Looking at the timeline, then, I'd put "Hat Trick" closer to Regina's yet-unseen dethroning/1.01 than to 1.07. We don't have a solid indication of how much time passes between Regina hiring the Huntsman to assassinate Snow and Regina casting the curse, but the Huntsman DOES refer to Snow in 1.07 as a "young girl", and her and Red's mannerisms and speech in 1.15 and 2.07 are both very adolescent, as opposed to their appearances in the bulk of the Snowing storyline later on, so I'm concluding that a minimum of a few years have passed between 2.07 and 1.03. That would make Grace too young if "Hat Trick" took place that early in the timeline, so I'm tentatively placing the episode somewhere around 1.22/2.03/1.01 for my own purposes.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.


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