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Genie | Mirror | Sidney Glass Character Bio

Genie | Mirror | Sidney Glass

Fairy Tale Land Persona: Genie | Mirror
Real World Persona: Sidney Glass

Genie | Mirror Stats and Info

Big Brother is watching you...
  • He was once The Genie of Agrabah and lived in a lamp. King Leopold, Snow White's father, set him free.
  • As Genie, he killed Snow White's father to be with Regina, whom he loves.
  • He wished to be with Regina forever. He got his wish, but he got screwed over and was once again trapped, but this time as the man in the Regina's mirror.
  • As the mirror, he seems to have the ability to appear in and watch through any mirror, which is kinda creepy if you think about it.

Sidney Glass Stats and Info

  • Former editor of The Mirror, Storybrooke's newspaper
  • Bona fide brown noser and groveler
  • Forced by Regina to run for Sheriff against Emma--he lost
  • Is in love with Regina--does anything she says
  • Took the fall for framing Mary Margaret and kidnapping Kathryn

[+] ► [-] Genie | Mirror Bio

Before The Mirror became The Mirror, he was a genie from Agrabah and lived in a magic lamp. One day his lamp washes ashore in King Leopold's kingdom and is found by the king.

Genie appears from the lamp clearly exasperated by the whole genie life. Genie offers King Leopold three wishes. King Leopold tells Genie he has everything he needs and simply wants every person in his kingdom to be happy. The king notices Genie's unhappiness and uses his first wish to set Genie free. Genie is flabbergasted.

Genie flabbergasted

The king uses his second wish to give his last wish to Genie, and Genie says he will never use it because he has granted "a 1001 wishes" [Arabian Nights shout-out] and they have all gone wrong.

Genie wants to find true love, so Leopold invites him to his palace to find it and to meet his family.

King Leopold: This is my beautiful daughter Snow.
Oh yeah, and over there, that's just Regina.

Genie meets Regina, and it's love at first sight.

The king has a birthday party, and during the party, he says he needs no gifts because he has the greatest gift of all--his daughter, Snow White. The king goes on to say that each day he looks upon his daughter's face he is reminded of his dearly departed wife, and they're both the fairest in all the land. The king sings the praises of his daughter and deceased wife in the presence of all his guests and Regina, who looks on in sadness. Regina exits stage left and Genie follows her.

He finds Regina in front of her apple tree, and she tells him she is trapped in the palace and the king will never love her though she tries to please him. Genie gives her a mirror and tells her she is the fairest in all the land.

King Leopold finds Regina's diary and reads an entry about an unnamed man who gave Regina a mirror that has given her hope for love. The king asks Genie to find the man.

Regina's father sneaks in a small chest that contains an Agrabah Viper, a deadly two-headed snake that looks like it fell off Medusa's head.

Don't laugh at me. I was made on a tight budget.
At least I look better than the deer The Huntsman killed.

Genie gives the chest to Regina. She tells Genie she loves him more and more with every beat of her heart. In a melodramatic moment worthy of Broadway, she threatens to commit suicide to be free of the king and her crappy life. Genie stops her and tells her he'll assassinate the king for her.

Genie sneaks into the king's chambers while he is sleeping and lets the viper loose to kill the king.

I never should have freed your ass, you bastard.

Overjoyed at having Regina to himself, Genie rushes to her chambers and tells her they can finally be together because the king is dead. Regina tells Genie they cannot be together because the guards have traced the Agrabah viper back to him and he is to be executed.

Genie does a Columbo and figures out Regina set him up.

In a monumental exhibition of I-have-ice-water-in-my-veins, Regina puts all ice queens to shame when she coldly rejects Genie and admits that she wanted the king dead and now he's dead. As if that weren't enough, she grinds the spiked tip of her dominatrix heel into the wound by telling Genie he is no longer of any use to her and he should be grateful that she's offering him a way out of the kingdom.

Genie is so in love with Regina that even after being whipped by her cold rejection he still loves her and can't live without her. He uses the wish King Leopold gave him to be with Regina forever, "to gaze upon her face always, to be by her side forever." His love for Regina apparently causes amnesia because he forgets that he shouldn't use the wish due to the fact that wishes always bite you in the arse.

You can't hear it, but we're pretty sure the lamp
is snickering and calling Genie a dumbass.

His wish to be with Regina is granted and he screams as he is once again trapped, this time as The Man in the Mirror.

No, not this Man in the Mirror.
This man in the mirror.

Curse Effects

[+] ► [-] Quotes

  • Sidney Glass: "I assure you it's one of my better hatchet jobs."
  • Mirror: "Now that was an awfully big threat. 'Destroy everyone's happiness.' How do you plan on accomplishing that?"
  • Genie: "You've awakened The Genie of Agrabah. You're entitled to three wishes--no more, no less, but you must know that magic has its limits. You cannot wish for life nor death. You cannot wish for love. You cannot wish for more wishes and once spoken a wish cannot be undone no matter what the consequences. So, tell me your first wish."
  • Genie to Regina: "I wish to be with you forever, to gaze upon your face always, to never leave your side."

Additional Info

  • The Magic Mirror character is from the classic fairy tale Snowdrop. Another version is called Little Snow-White. You can read both here.
  • The character Genie may be the same Genie from the story of Aladdin. You can read the original Aladdin story here.
  • Genie | Mirror | Sidney is played by Giancarlo Esposito.

Genie | Mirror Pics

Sidney Glass Pics

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  1. I think the queen still spies on everyone all over town using reflections in mirrors and even storefront windows- "I have eyes everywhere"

    Just a couple examples are when the Mayor caught up with Emma after she walked Henry to school and with David when he was on his way to the bridge?

  2. I disagree.. I don't think that Regina can use the Mirror in our world, because Sidney is one of the townspeople. Who would be talking to her from the Mirror? I believe we're going to see a story of how Sidney was cursed into the Mirror by the Queen soon. He's an Innocent, just like everyone else. But in the Mirror, he's forced to do her bidding.

  3. You should add a link to the ONCE website "Ask the Magic Mirror", or just add mine:

  4. This genie is indeed the genie from aladdin which takes place in Agrabah which is where the genie says he is from

    Also in storybrooke the genie still continues to spy on everyone

  5. He seems to be in the same asylum that Belle was now, there was a door with S. Glass on it that Jefferson passed.

    1. REALLY?!?! WOW!!!! I didn't notice that!!! Good eyes!!! I just got a WHOLE new look on his character, now!!!!! :)


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