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Rumpelstiltskin | Mr. Gold Character Bio

Rumpelstiltskin | Mr. Gold

Fairy Tale Land Persona: Rumpelstiltskin
Real World Persona: Mr. Gold

Rumpelstiltskin Stats and Info

Let me see ya grill...ya, ya, ya grill. *bling*
  • Has gold-dusted skin
  • Has a gold grill that rivals Flava Flav's
  • Eye color: goldish-reddish
  • Gave the curse to the Evil Queen
  • Trapped by Cinderella and imprisoned in a custom made cell, which was dug out of a mine
  • Makes fairy godmothers go *poof* *BOOM*
  • He loves to make deals; he can't resist them, and he's very good at twisting deals to his advantage.
  • Made a deal with the Evil Queen that in the new land [Storybrooke] he should have anything he asks of her if he says the magic word, "Please."
  • Sounds like The Leprechaun
  • Rated 11/10 on The Manipulative Evil Badass scale
  • Can spin gold thread
  • Had a son with an awesome name--Baelfire
  • In love with Belle

Mr. Gold Stats and Info

  • Pawn broker, antiques dealer, baby broker
  • Owns Storybrooke
  • Not immune to mace
  • Loves to make deals
  • Has a gold tooth
  • Spiffy dresser
  • Walks with a cane
  • Backed Emma Swan for Sheriff
  • Owns a pocket pistol [it looks like a Walther PPK/S]
  • Drives a 1990-1992 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance

Curse Effects

  • Unlike everyone else, Mr. Gold's memory was not wiped by the curse. He remembers everything.
  • Went from imprisonment to owner of Storybrooke
  • Looks human, lost his gold-dusted skin, gold teeth [except one] and crazy-colored eyes

[+] ► [-] Rumpelstiltskin Bio

Rumpelstiltskin was once human and had a son named Baelfire. As a human, Rumpelstiltskin was known as the town coward because he ran away from The Ogre Wars. His wife supposedly left him because he ran.

Once Upon a Time has not shown Rumpelstiltskin actually running away,
but we suspect it might've looked exactly like this.

At the age of fourteen, all children were drafted to fight in The Ogre Wars. Anyone who refused to allow their children to be taken were threatened with force from The Dark One--a very powerful, evil guy.

The Dark One being dark

Rumpelstiltskin pulls a--er, Rumpelstiltskin and flees with his awesomely named son, Baelfire, just before Baelfire's fourteenth birthday. He and his son are stopped on the road by recruiting soldiers. Rumpelstiltskin is humiliated and forced to kiss the boot of the lead soldier to keep his son from being taken early.

Kiss my boot!

An old beggar comes along and helps Rumpelstiltskin and Baelfire home. Once home, Rumpelstiltskin gives the beggar something to eat and tells the beggar that Baelfire will soon be taken from him to fight in The Ogre Wars. The beggar tells Rumpelstiltskin that Baelfire would be saved if Rumpelstiltskin had power. The beggar reveals that the only reason The Dark One is controlled by "a useless fool" like the Duke of the Frontlands is because the Duke possesses a magical dagger with the Dark One's true name, Zoso, engraved on it. He suggests that Rumpelstiltskin obtain the dagger and control the Dark One. Rumpelstiltskin is terrified of that thought. The beggar suggests an alternative—kill the Dark One and take his power.

Rumpelstiltskin steals the dagger and summons The Dark One...

Do not worry Rumpelstiltskin, for soon, you too shall possess the power of
sneaking-up on people and scaring the crap out of them.

...then he kills the Dark One, who turns out to be the old beggar. The old beggar a.k.a The Dark One a.k.a Zoso hated his life, calling it a burden. He utters Rumpelstiltskin's famous line, "All magic comes with a price," then says Rumpelstiltskin must now pay that price.

Ha-ha, tricked you

Zoso's name disappears from the dagger and Rumpelstiltskin's name appears.

Rumpelstiltskin returns home as the new Dark One. He arrives just as the recruiting soldiers are taking Baelfire and uses his new power and dagger to open up a can of whoop ass.

Unfortunately, Baelfire does not like that his father is the new Dark One.

"Do you feel safe, son?"

[+] ► [-] Rumpelstiltskin | Mr. Gold Quotes

  • Rumpelstiltskin: "All magic comes with a price."
  • Rumpelstiltskin: "Then please stop wasting everyone's time and just do it. You know what you love, now go kill it."
  • Rumpelstiltskin: "No one breaks deals with me, deary."
  • Rumpelstiltskin: "No one comes to see me without a deal in mind."
  • Rumpelstiltskin: "No matter where you are, no matter what land you find yourself in, I assure you I will have your baby."
  • Mr. Gold: "My agreements are always honored."
  • Mr. Gold: "You see contracts... deals, well, they're the very foundation of all civilized existence."
  • Rumpelstiltskin: "I'm the town coward. The only choice I have is which corner to hide in. I'm lame, friendless--the only thing I've got is my boy and they're going to take him away from me. If they take him away, I'll truly, truly become dust."
  • Rumpelstiltskin: "And now you shall know me as the new Dark One. How 'bout a little fealty? Kiss. My. Boot."
  • Rumpelstiltskin: "Have you forgotten me already? What was it you used to call me again? Spindleshanks? Hobblefoot."
  • Mr. Gold: "Regina. Shall I move some things, make a bit of space for your rage."
    Regina: "You found that loophole in the town charter."
    Mr. Gold: "Legal documents--contracts if you like--always been a fascination of mine."
    Regina: "Yes, you love to trifle with technicalities."
    Mr. Gold: "I like small weapons you see--the needle, the pen, the fine point of a deal. Subtlety. Not your style, I know."
  • Mr. Gold: "Everyone's afraid of Regina--they're more afraid of me."
  • Mr. Gold: "I'm a difficult man to love."
  • Rumpelstiltskin: "Because no one can ever, ever love me."

Additional Info

Rumpelstiltskin Pics

Mr. Gold Pics

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All magic comes with a price.
Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

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I'm the man.


  1. Does Mr. Gold know about the curse?

  2. Sure seems like it... watch the end of episode 2. In the convo between him and Regina, he alludes to things from Fairy Tale land. Regina's face is priceless.

  3. It's very likely that Mr. Gold knows about the curse. Rumpelstiltskin is a clever little fellow. There's probably a loophole in the curse that allowed him to retain his memory.

  4. Is that Robert Carlyle running from zombies in 28 weeks later? hahaha

    1. It is Robert Carlyle from 28 Weeks Later. I'll never forget that scene because he chickened out and ran. Hey, just like Rumplestiltskin.

  5. Could the Huntsman be Rumples son? He was 14 years of age when Rumple turned evil and not to happy about this. He had no mother and now no father. They were poor so with Rumple hell bent on revenge, he had no place to go. I can see him now hating his father for what he has now become and running off never returning living life in the woods amongst the creatures... WOLVES. The kid was willing to fight for the Duke which means he had no fear. With his father turning evil he grew to be the cold hearted Huntsman in the service of those who would pay his fee. Mr. Gold said to Emma... "Enjoy your time with your boy, they grow up so fast, your time with them is precious. Before you know it you've lost him".
    His son did not go off to fight for the Duke, nor did he die. Sounds to me Gold had sorrow in his heart. This would also explain why he hates Regina so much now and is out for revenge. She just took the life of his kid.

  6. The Huntsman can't be Rump's son. Here's why:

    Rump's son is 14 when Rump is "Rumpelfied." The Huntsman looks to be about 30, that would mean about 16 years have passed from the time Rump became the Dark One to the time the curse was cast.

    Jiminy got the doll potion from Rumpelstiltskin when Geppetto was a boy. Just before the curse brings everyone to Storybrooke, we see Geppetto as an old man. We also see Rump in jail and he looks the same age as when he turned.

    Using Geppetto as a reference, we can tell that at the time of the curse decades [at least] have passed from the time Rump turned to the time he was in jail. By then, his son would've been a very old man or dead if enough time has passed.

    1. You forget he wouldnt age if he was the huntsman

  7. "Do not worry Rumpelstiltskin, for soon, you too shall possess
    the power of sneaking-up on people and scaring the crap out of them." - haha, that image and caption are hilarious.

  8. I love 28 Weeks Later, when he was running from the infected. I cried when he got turned into one all thanks to his wife, who he left for dead might I add.

    But he plays a very creepy/very attractive Rumpelstiltskin ;)

  9. I <3 this guy. Let me tell you he's the bomb.

  10. So if the Queen already knows Rumplestiltskin's name, why does she make him say it at the jail? And why doesn't he ask her to please completely forget their conversation "please"? The 2/12 episode was great. Got to get the house pictures up.

    1. She wanted to know for sure that he knew his name. Personally I want to know why he didn't just say "can I have my chipped cup back... please"

    2. Someone posted a reason on the forums as to why Mr. Gold didn't use "please" on Regina to get his cup back. I think it's a sound theory.


    3. He probably did not use "please" on Regina because while it would make since, that however is not the point because if you had been watching the show as closely as I have then you would have seen that as of the episode "the price of gold" he as Rumplestiltskin was hinting that he knew something was going to happen, and by having Mr. Gold give up his real name the writers were just following up on those little hints.

    4. It's not something you would just guess about. You'd have to think about it (like I did) until you realize that he has his own hidden agenda and everything that anyone does always goes according to it. I belive that when the curse is broken, Rumple won't HAVE to go back into FTL and that he an scour the globe looking for his son, that, or it will transfer every fairytale character (including his son) back to FTL. Since Emma came, the curse was starting to break so it was the perfect time to tell Regina that he knew. Until then, Regina was in "complete" control, so it was better for him to stay obscene. Now that the curse is breaking and people are remembering though, it was important to his plan that Regina knew and would then ask for help in the near future (which she did) and he could get everything in his favor.
      P. S. as for Gold burying his dagger in "the heart is a lonely hunter"- Called it! (seriously, I thought that the 1st time I ever saw that episode! :)

  11. Rumplestlskin is THE man.
    Why do people think he's Henry's father? This isn't Days Of Our Lives people.

    1. Nope but everyone seems convinced that he's Henry's grandfather. I could see how that could work but I'm not sure if I support that theory though.

  12. Who's more powerful? Evil Queen or Rumplestiltskin?
    I think Rumpie because Maleficent said to EQ, "Whoever gave you that curse makes us look moral. Who gave you that anyway?"
    Rumpie was the one that gave her the curse!

    1. I'm with you; Rumplestiktskin is definitely more powerful than the Evil Queen. Why else would she be threatened by him and tell Belle how to break his cures. I'm just wondering if he used a counter cures so that the Evil Queens cures would not affect him. Or was it just the fact that the curs was his to begin with and, he is just immune to it?

    2. Rumplestiltskin is ALSO more powerful, in The Price Of Gold James says "Rumplestiltskin is the most powerful man in the entire land. He needs his very own prison,"

  13. Love the 28 Weeks Later shout out lol

  14. In Skin Deep, Rumpelstiltskin (I THINK) switches from Scottish accent, to American accent. Like when hes saying " SHUT THE HELL UP!" he has a American accent, but he says " I don't need you anymore dearie." he has A SCOTTISH accent!

    1. Robert Carlyle switches accent through the show. When he plays Rumpelstiltskin he uses a Scottish accent. When he plays Mr. Gold it's more of a British accent. As for the American accent when he says "shut the hell up" i noticed that in a lot of British/Scottish actors start to yell they pick up a slit American accent.

    2. There really is no such thing as a "British" accent...As a Scot, I can safely say that he is speaking with a scottish accent as both!

    3. There really is no such thing as an American accent either but when people say that I know what they mean. It's a neutral dialect. I think all accents from the British Isles sound the same but I guess there differences in the regions like there is in the US.

    4. I'd say it's still a scottish accent in both, but he definately downplays it when he's Mr. Gold.

  15. Why does rumpelstiltskin's skin get darker and darker? It starts out being pretty light and then gets darker and darker until its almost green.

    1. It depends. If you mean in Skin Deep, It ,might be his emotions of getting angry at Belle. If its darker more into the series,it might be as more crazier he gets.

    2. "No matter how thick you make your skin...." Yes, the darker he gets, the more ugly he gets, and if you notice in "Skin Deep," when he tells belle to leave, his eyes are besically black holes. It all depends on how evil he gets and for what emotional reasons. When he's happy or in love (like when he's with Belle or Belfire) he looks more human. But when he uses evil magic or is spewing hateful things or is well, being a monster, he litterally turns into a monster by looking like one as well as acting like one. I think it's a unique and nice touch.

  16. i love rumpelstiltskin he is not evil he is heart broken and lost . the curse on him has broken his soul. I can see the good in him and i can see he has love to give . If the queen had not met belle that day i am shure he and belle would be together but now that can never be . because the queen or regena the mayor has locked belle in a cell and thrown away the key. telling mr gold that she died . If only he knew the truth if only if only.....

    Love, the president of the mr gold band wagon
    At Belle@yahoo.com

    1. I seriously think that rumpelstiltskin knows that Belle is still alive. I mean he's the dark one so he can see the future, why else would he be dropping hints to the other charters in past episodes. So he could have seen that she was not dead and he will find her again.

    2. Ah, but all magic has it's limits. My guess is Regina is hiding Belle from Rumple with magic. He can't see her, can't feel her presence. If that is the case then he would definitely think she is dead.

      Oh but when he finds out the truth....Regina, you better run.

    3. Like one of my favorite pics. Regina tells Mr. Gold over the phone that she has been secretly hiding Belle all of these year, and he just says, "PLEASE jump off a bridge... NOW, PLEASE."

  17. AHA! In episode Heart Of Darkness,Rumpelstiltskin says"I have every potion except love." but later in the episode, he gets a love potion! HE IS WAY MORE POWERFUL THAN REGINA. He has EVERY POTION!

  18. What does he do with people's names?

  19. When the soldier, and then later Rumplestilskin, were in the "kiss my boot" scenes they were referring to filialty. Filialty refers to the respect for (mostly authoritive) relationships that a society should run on,eg: parent-child, husband-wife, older sibling-younger sibling,ruler/king-ruled, etc.

  20. This needs to be updated. We don't have anything past Desperate Souls. They need to include his time with Belle and his deals with Snow White and Charming.

    1. yeah, I saw it and was thinking it should be alot longer, then I realized they hadn't really finished it.

  21. I'd like to know why Rumpelstiltskin couldn't just magic himself out of the jail they made for him?

    1. It always worries me when the good guys finally capture the Big Bad and suddenly think that their puny jail will hold the Big Bad. He/she is called the Big Bad for a reason. Honestly there was no reason to. I suspect that sometimes he stayed to learn needed information (Emma's name), and other times he stayed so he could make the right sort of deal (Evil Queen's deal to make the dark curse work). In short, he stays in jail because it benefits him.

  22. Let me tell you that I am totally jealous of belle :D I love this actor and these character with all my heart!!!! So amazing as kanye would say it.

  23. Rumpelstiltskin rocks

  24. Since we have a count down re Regina, can we have one re Rumple's appearances or badassness? Please?

  25. I wonder will he and Belle have any children?


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