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Lost easter eggs, homages, references and shout outs!

Some items are a bit of a stretch, but hey, we Losties see LOST everywhere! ;)

Emma's eye is focused on when she wakes up after her car crashes.Jack's eye is focused on when he wakes up after the crash.
The clock in town was stuck at 8:15.Oceanic flight 815, second and third Lost numbers
Mayor's house number is 108108 = sum of Lost numbers
The Losties had to press a reset button every 108 minutes.
Emma SwanSwan station
HenryHenry Gale
Emma's room number at Granny's B&B is 44 is the first Lost number
The clock unfroze from 8:15 and struck 8:16. The next morning when the Mayor sees the clock it is 8:23.8, 15, 16, 23 - second, third, fourth and fifth Lost numbers
Henry saying no one can leave because bad things happen to those that do.Heard on Lost many, many times.
Henry is seen reading Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Issue #1, a comic book, written by Lost producer/co-creator Damon Lindelof.
Geronimo Jackson window decal on the back window of Emma's car
The curse could be the smoke monster's evil twin.
Ashley was dumped by her boyfriend, Sean [Prince Thomas], when she got pregnant. Claire was dumped by her boyfriend, Thomas, because of pregnancy.
Apollo candy bars are seen in episodes 1x05, 1x08, and 1x10.Apollo candy bars started out as a fictional candy bar on Lost, but now it's an actual candy bar that can be purchased in real life.
The actor who played Charles Widmore on Lost, Alan Dale, also plays King George on Once Upon a Time.
A MacCutcheon Scotch Whisky bottle is seen in Mary Margaret's apartment.MacCutcheon Scotch Whisky is Charles Widmore's expensive drink of choice. It was last seen in the episode titled Happily Ever After.
Magic can do many things but it can't bring people back from the dead. Dead is dead.The Lost island can do many things but it can't bring people back from the dead. Dead is dead.
KathrynKatherine Anne Austen a.k.a Kate
Rumpelstiltskin - "I want your baby!" [paraphrased]The Others - "I want your baby!" [paraphrased]
Alexandra [Ashley/Ella's daughter]Alexandra Rousseau a.k.a Alex
Sheriff Graham wakes up in the middle of the night because of a dream, which was actually a memory. He tells Regina, "It didn't feel like a dream. It felt like a memory."Desmond wakes up in the middle of the night because of a dream, which was actually a memory. He tells Penny, "It wasn't a dream, Pen. It was a memory."
Lana Parrilla, the actress who plays The Evil Queen, also played Greta in Lost.
Henry is seen reading Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk Issue #3, a comic book, written by Lost producer/co-creator Damon Lindelof.
Mary Margaret is seen reading, "The Mysterious Island," by Jules Verne.
The Stranger's license plate # is 23.23 is the fifth Lost number.
Lost producer/co-creator Damon Lindelof is the voice of the weatherman in episode 1x10.
Emma runs over a sign that reads "Road 23" "Road 4".4 is the first Lost number, 23 is the fifth Lost number.
There's a door numbered "8" in the basement of Storybrooke's hospital.8 is the second Lost number.
Emille de Ravin, the actress who plays Belle, also played Claire in Lost.
Storybrooke's zip code is 048154, 8, and 15 are the first, second, and third Lost numbers. The Losties were on flight 815.
Sister Astrid said the nuns sold 42 candles42 is the last Lost number.
All the Lost numbers make an appearance in episode 1x14.
An Oceanic airplane scares Pinocchio.Oceanic is the name of the doomed airline in Lost.


Thanks to Peace Man and those who have contributed to this page!


  1. Jacob's mom also said leaving the island would be bad.

  2. I recognised the Apollo bars and the MacCutcheon's and was like "Hey...wait a minute!" Love the Lost writers - and hope this show goes on for many seasons.

  3. when are we going to hear rumpelstiltskin say "see you in another life brother."

  4. I was just re-watching "That Small Still Voice" and I noticed the dog Ajax looks like Vincent from Lost......

  5. As several people on the Hulu discussion board for this show have mentioned, the actress who plays The Evil Queen/Regina on the show was also one of The Others on LOST.

    Love the site guys!! Keep up the good work.

  6. @Peace Man - thanks for the reminder!

  7. You're welcome. And, i apologize for the double posting!!

  8. Really diggin' this site. You guys are doing a great job. Don't be surprised if you start getting more visitors. I have put a link on Hulu a few times and i will keep touting this site. I think some of the people on there will really love this.

    Maybe you guys could have a contest to come up with a new name?
    The couple i have so far are;
    OUATpedia. (dumb and overused, i know)
    Storybrooke Revisited. (i kind of like that one)
    Not great. I'll try to think of some more, and i'm sure that others out there might have some good ones.

    Love the show, and you have a new fan!!

  9. This is a great site!
    At the end of the Henry/Graham scene in Henry's Bedroom from "Heart is a Lonely Hunter", you see a yellow airplane much like the one that ultimately ended Boone's life in Lost.

  10. This site is such and awesome goldmine! I'm really enjoying absolutely everything on here, but this LOST thread is the best. Cheers to Peace Man for putting the word out on Hulu about this place, and thanks to you folks who are putting this stuff together - It's fabulous!!

  11. @All - Thanks for the kind comments.

    @Peace Man - We've actually decided to keep the name, "Once Upon a Time Fan Site." It started out as a place holder but has grown on us. It could be our very own running gag. Ha!

  12. Found this site from a post on the ABC OUAT website. This is amazing!! You have found so many little things that i would have never thought about. i also have a blog post about the LOST easter eggs in OUAT. we can share some. here are some things i found:
    - the theme of black and white is constant...EQ = black, SW = white.
    - the theme of good vs evil is big
    - the episode where they found the entrance to the elevator in the mine the scene was similar to when the LOST people found the entrance to the hatch
    - Regina mentioned that emma lived in tallahassee, there is an episode in LOST called the man from tallahassee, refering to john locke's dad
    - speaking of john locke, = john doe

    keep it up! definetly gonna check back frequently

  13. @zandpiper

    Hey, works for me and pretty much describes it well. :-)

    Am i the only one dyin' for new eps right about now?!!!

  14. Ok, i'm sure everyone got this. It's an easy one. The 23 on the license plate of mysterious motorcycle guy. 23 is one of the numbers on LOST! :-)

    1. You've done it again! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  15. Emilie de Ravin, who played Belle, was Claire on LOST.

  16. Barbara Hershey plays Cora, the Evil Queen's mother. In real life, Barbara was in a long-term relationship with Naveen Andrews, who played Sayid, for 10 years.

  17. In the last episode, The Return, minute 17.08, August's driving his motorcycle, he goes under a board with a Lighthouse drown on it! It doesn't look exactly like the Lost one, but it remended me of it.
    Just before this frame there's a 15 written on the gasoline shop sign.


  18. Bam! In ep 1.20, there's an Oceanic plane flying overhead, terrorizing poor, dear little stubbleless Pinocchio when he comes through the Maine side of the tree.

  19. Jack from LOST also went to Phuket, Thailand for the same reasons Pinocchio did..
    and the episode was called "Stranger in a Strange Land"

  20. Jefferson's address: 316. Flight number of the plane that Jack, Sun, Sayid, Hugo, Ben came back on: 316.

    Flowers that young Snow finds in Regina's house: Orcids. She is told to be gentle. Name of station in which Ben carefully steers island: Orcid.

  21. Another possible one from s2e5: Rummple telling Regina, "Dead is dead." That was also the title of an episode of Lost from season five.

  22. Maybe OUAT exists in the same universe at Lost? Now that would be awesome.

  23. I didn't get a really good look at it, but I'm pretty sure the keychain that Neal gives Emma in the Tallahassee episode has the Dharma Swan Station logo on it.

  24. This page is hard to read with all the black scrollwork so hopefully I'm not repeating anything already said...

    2 references in this last Sunday's show. Emma's package came from Phuket, where Jack spent time. And King George (Alan Dale, Charles on Lost) called Charming "Shepherd", which was also Jack's last name.

  25. In the new season, Hugo is back as a kind giant again.. but this time he really is a giant. and in lost we had Richard "eyeliner man", and now we have hook, yet another "eyeliner man"


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