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Once Upon a Time | Stuff From 2x03 Lady of the Lake

[+] ► [-] Lancelot | Leviathan

Red warns Snow and Charming that they must move camp because King George's army approaches. Charming replies, "No! We will not run. We said we were gonna take the kingdom back, and we can't do that with our tails between our legs."

Red also warns them that the king has a new general known as The Leviathan due to his tendency to separate one from one's pulse by attacking like a sea creature from the depths of Hades.

Charming tells Snow to head to his mother's cabin, and as Snow hurries through the forest, she's interrupted by Leviathan's arm across her chest.

Leviathan demonstrates the clothesline for Snow

Leviathan introduces himself as Lancelot then abducts her. He delivers her to King George who offers Snow a drink laced with poison to make her barren because he's a jerk he wants Charming to suffer being childless as he did.

Once Upon a Time | Stuff from 2x02 We Are Both

[+] ► [-] What Happens When They Leave Storybrooke

The Seven Dwarves take it upon themselves to prove their worth as Snow White's Royal Guards. They assemble at Storybrooke's town limits and draw straws to decide who gets to be the lucky one that has to test the border. Sneezy has the honor of being the guinea pig. He's as hesitant as an illegal alien to make the border crossing and suggests a test-run using a turtle. Grumpy replies with a helpful shove across the line. Sneezy is immediately seized by the invisible Magic Border Patrol, which reformats his memory and reboots him back into Mr. Clark mode.

Once Upon a Time | Stuff From 2x01 Broken

New Unknown Character

Season two opens and for a second we thought we were watching the wrong show as the camera follows an unknown man drudging through another day of life in NYC. He enters an apartment, where he is soon met by a bird delivering a postcard. One side of the postcard says, "Greetings from Storybrooke, Maine". The other side has one word written on it: Broken.

Once Upon a Time | Wallpaper Graffiti-ish Style

Once Upon a Time wallpaper in a graffiti-ish style. Paint the world!

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